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Recording the Arpeggiator of VPS Avenger in Apple Logic Pro

Heya guys,

because the question

"How to record the VPS Avenger arpeggiator in Apple Logic Pro"

appears again and again, I decided to create this litte tutorial.

Since the AudioUnit version of VPS Avenger do not output MIDI data, we have to use the VST version instead.

Logic however do not support VST plugins, that's why we need a plugin which can load VST Instruments, as 'wrapper'.

Luckily we can use the free Kushview Element for this purpose.

(or any other you like)

1.) Check & configure IAC

make sure that the IAC Bus is enabled in the "Audio Midi Setup Application" which is part of macOS:

2.) Download Kushview Element

Create an instrument track and add Kushview Element FX to the Instrument slot, which can be found as follows in Logic's plugin menu.

(yes, to the instrument slot :)

Load the VST (see rightclick menu) version of Avenger into Kushview and connect it like the following.

You also have to manually add the "IAC 1 Bus 1" Output object.

3.) Configure the Instrument Track

Set the input of the track to you masterkeyboard, other case we would get MIDI feedback:

4.) The Recording Track

Create another Instrument track without any instrument loaded.

Select the 'IAC 1 Bus 1' as its input :

4.) Recording

Arm the recording track and simply record the Arpeggiator.

Hope that helps :)

Have fun!


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