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Easy visual Mackie Control Parameter Mapping for Apple Logic

The MCU parameter mapping under Apple Logic is usually less user-friendly.

For example, we sometimes have the FilterCutoff on the first page and other filter parameters on higher pages which forces us to repeatedly switch pages.

So far there is only the possibility to edit the plists manually with a plist, xml or text editor.

However, this is often time-consuming, especially if you want to map in groups of eight.

For that purpose I have created a dedicated application which suits my needs

It allows me to quickly and easily load a plist and visually change the parameters in blocks of eight using drag and drop.

After loading a plist, a backup copy is created, so nothing is lost and is even accesible from the app.

Placeholders (unassigned faders, will appear with no label) for simple parameter distribution to 8 fader devices can be added. That's quite useful if you have multiple MCU devices.

After pressing the export button a simple reload of the plugin is needed to reflect the changes.

still work in progress, but it actually already works quite good